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Are you also doing these tech-mistakes while working from home?

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tech mistakes while working from home

Are you also working from home? In this article i have covered top tech mistakes to avoid while working from home.

 Sharing your workstation photos on social media.

Working from home setup

 To follow the trend, a lot of people are sharing pictures of their work desk at home showcasing their setup. 

Well, maybe you are looking cool among your colleagues. But your company would definitely have a problem if you leave a confidential file open on your PC by mistake.

So, you should avoid sharing any pictures of your work desk.

 However, if you are really eager to show your work setup, make sure your screen is locked and you do not have any confidential files lying on the table.

Thoroughly observe the picture before sharing it on social media.

Using smart speakers like Alexa while working from home

Work from home stop alexa

A famed UK law firm is advising its employees to mute or disable their domestic smart speakers while having confidential business calls.

Perhaps we may be slightly paranoid here but we need to have a lot of trust in these organizations and these devices.

But rather I will not take that risk.

 Not using a VPN

As the country is locked down for 21 days, more people are working from home.

This is giving the hackers a perfect time to attack home networks.

They are using ransomware to steal your company,s data.

It is highly recommended to start using a VPN service to protect your home network from hackers.

Using the same browser for home and office work

working from home avoid mistakes

It may sound funny but avoid using the same browser for personal surfing while working on the same system.

Browser cache can change the advertisements according to your internet surfing. 

This may lead to embarrassing search results and ads once you join the office back.

Working on weak/public wifi network

Connecting your laptop to public Wi-Fi while doing official work can be dangerous. 

As your laptop may get exposed to hackers.

Also, a weak password on a Wi-Fi network can result in your hacker neighbor getting into your laptop and grabbing essential information related to your work.

 Prefer using a wired ethernet connection or put a strong password on your home Wi-Fi connection.

Sharing the same workstation with others while working from home

 Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, everyone is isolating at home either working or studying online. 

Your children or wife also require a laptop for this, prefer not sharing the one you work on.

However, if you do not have more options, try creating a separate profile on your Windows or Mac to avoid any confusion.

             Same goes for a smartphone or a tablet, you can either install extra profiles or just enable app lock on apps that you use for work.

 Not separating personal and professional files

What if you send a selfie to your boss instead of a document he asked for?

Sending a personal file to your office chat group or sending a conditional file to a friend can bring a very dangerous result.

To avoid these types of scenarios try to avoid keeping your personal and professional data at the same place.

Try making separate folders folder for personal and professional files.

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