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Best video calling app for 2020

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best video calling app

Google Duo : best video calling app

Best for android users

best video calling app for android
Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best video calling app for android users due to its simple interface that brings video calling to the forefront.

Both android and ios users can use it.

It uses phone numbers, to connect people.

Google Duo offers end-to-end encryption.

Google Duo has an interesting feature Knock Knock, which allows you to see live video of your caller before you answer.

It allows you to add up to 12 people in a group video call.

It allows you to continue a video call for up to 40 minutes.

Google Duo does not allow you to record calls.

Zoom: Best video calling app for office work

best video calling for PC

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others.

It allows you to record your calling session to watch later.

Most companies under fortune 500 are already using it.

It allows up to 100 people to join group video call.

The best feature of Zoom is the tiled view. This allows all participants to share the screen together at once – even if there are more than 20 participants. 

By using Zoom you can have an unlimited calling time period.


Best for Facebook lovers

facebook messenger
Facebook messenger

Messenger is the best video calling app if you want to call your Facebook connection.

Messenger supports stickers and masks while on the call, which is currently not supported on other video calling apps like WhatsApp and Google Duo.

Facebook Messenger supports a group video call of not more than 50 people.

It can be used even without a Facebook account. 


Best for a small group – 4 people

 As of early 2020,  WhatsApp said it has over 2.5 billion users worldwide which are quite an amazing reach.

It was as a paid-for premium app but it provides all its services for free.

Its drawback is that it allows only a group of 4 people to join a call.

WhatsApp uses your phone number to connect.


Best for Apple users

Best video calling app for apple users

You can video call up to 32 people but all should be using iPhone, iPad or Mac running iOS 12.1 or Mojave.

FaceTime users may need to set their devices up to receive FaceTime calls over 4G if they are not connected to WiFi.

Note: It does not support 3G connectivity.

As it works only over a WiFi so we did not experience any dropped calls, laggy signals, or out-of-sync video and audio.

Skype: one of best video calling app

Best for calling across PC, laptops, and Macs

best video calling app

Skype provides the best audio and video quality and the call stability is appreciable.

Skype is the first app that allows video calling over the internet and is still people’s favorite.

It is a cross-platform tool that has separate apps for most of the platforms which include smartphones, computers, smartwatches and Xbox One.

Skype is absolutely free video calling app and allows to make a group of 50 people.

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