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Common Tech myths that need to be busted.

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Tech myth is difficult to spot because we can never really know the limits of such exponentially growing technology. Is there a boundary to the powers of the internet, social media and online games?

Despite how much time we spent on technology like smartphones and the internet, we have no idea about how they work. This gives rise to the false belief known as myth.

To learn more about the tech myths, check out these articles.

1. Leaving your phone plugged in destroys the battery. Tech myth or reality?

Leaving your phone plugged in destroys the battery. Tech myth or reality?

Most of the people leave their phones plugged in overnight to charged it fully. Some people suggest that this practice can damage the life of your battery.

But in fact, there is no proof that this can damage the battery neither it can cause the battery to blast.

There is no doubt that it is a tech myth. Moreover, new smartphones run on lithium-ion battery which gets disconnected when the phone gets fully charged.

2. Apple makes old devices slower to boost the sales of the new ones.

Apple makes old devices slower to boost the sales of the new ones.

It can be easily noticed that our phone tends to get slower when its new version is released. Many of us believe it’s a strategy by tech companies forcing us to buy the new product. 

But before considering it as a fact there is little explanation.

New versions of the operating system and the apps that run on it are designed to work smoothly with the hardware inside new models. So it may be possible that older devices start to become slow since their software and hardware are not designed to run new apps.

 Apple has also stated that phones with older batteries may run sluggish.

The Verge has also confirmed that Lithium-ion batteries become less effective under cold conditions. These batteries may also produce a low voltage as they become older.

So, this is definitely a tech myth which needs to be stopped believing.

3. Tech myth: Airport X-ray machines can damage/erase memory cards.

Luggage x-ray scanner security in airport

Once I heard that x-ray machines at airport security posts can blur and damage unprocessed pictures and videos from non-digital cameras.

But your memory cards are safe. The level of x-rays emitted at airport security checkpoints is not enough to damage memory cards. 
Sandisk which is a major memory card manufacturer provides this assurance on its website.

4. Using a cell phone at a gas station pump is a fire risk.

Have you seen warning signs on gas pumps saying not to use cell phones?

But there are no verified reports of cell phones causing gasoline vapor to ignite when a car is being refueled.

Of course, a telephone conversation can cause a distraction. Using the phone might slow you down and annoy anyone in line waiting to refuel at your pump. 

So recommend it’s best to leave your smartphone in your vehicle while filling gas. 

To avoid an accident at the pump, never smoke while refueling and don’t slide into your car seat while the fuel is pumping to avoid static electricity sparks that might cause a fire.

5. The QWERTY keyboard is the fastest.

Another keyboard is known as the “Dvorak Simplified Keyboard” was patented in 1936. The layout places the most frequently used letters in the home row, where they’re easy to be pressed, and the least commonly used letters on the bottom row, where they’re hardest to be pressed.

In  QWERTY most of the typing requires the left hand, while Dvorak results in most letters being performed with the right hand.

The studies would show that users who used Dvarok layouts could type faster.

6. More the megapixel better is the camera.

Pixels are microscopic light sensors aligned as an array in digital cameras. Pixels can convert a visual image into a pattern of electronic signals.

The picture quality of a digital photograph depends on the number of pixels and their size. Very high pixel counts provide the high resolution necessary to capture fine details in a scene. But high pixel counts mean that individual pixels are very small, and small pixels produce much noisier images than larger pixels, especially when the lighting is weak. 

For higher quality photos, select a camera with a large sensor and a high pixel count.

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