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Top 10 useful and productive app

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Are you looking for top utility apps for android? Do you want to install top useful and productive app on your smartphone? Looking for the best productivity apps to be a better person?

We all use a smartphone to listen to music, play games and to watch movies.

But another reason smartphones exist is so to make our life easier and we can be more productive.

Here we have discussed the top useful and productive app for android in 2020. Here is a list of the best Android tools and utility apps to help you do more things.

1. Camscanner


   Camscanner is one of the best apps you should have on your phone to increase productivity. We all need a scanned copy of any documents, photos, etc . from time to time. Official documents such as id cards, passport, driving license, certificates, etc. can be scanned easily and can be stored digitally thus making them easily accessible and portable.

The quality of the scanned image is excellent.CamScanner can convert scanned documents to PDF or jpg format. 

This is probably the best app in its category. It’s especially useful during tax season and for business people.



AirDroid is one of the useful app available on the play store. Its main function is to connect your PC and smartphone with each other.

AirDroid brings your mobile notifications to your computer and, in addition, lets you send text messages, receive calls, respond to notifications, and even control the mobile device using your mouse and keyboard.

Notification forwarding, device mirroring and wireless interaction are all possible through Airdroid. This make it one of the productive app available on the play store.

If you have more than one Android device and did not want to lose any notifications than you should definitely give AirDroid a try.



TickTick is a todo list type app which makes it one the useful app.

TickTick is a to-do list app with drag-and-drop capabilities, location-based reminders, a built-in timer, and more features.

To any task, you can add details such as the last date, priority level, reminder, and more.

TickTick has a Pomodoro timer for using the Pomodoro Technique to focus. This makes it a productivity increasing app. This timer involves working for a pre-defined period of time and then taking a short break to refresh.



GlassWire is an amazing utility app as show when and how much data an app use.

Additionally, it also provides security as you can see when apps send data back to their home servers.

It has a real-time graph showing the date exhausted by apps.

It is useful for those who have tiered data plans and who can’t compromise with their network security.



IFTTT stands for ‘if this, then that’ is useful and highly productive app. IFTTT allows you to connect apps, services, and smart home devices without knowing any code.

It is free, easy to use and supports voice assistant.

From uploading a photo to Instagram to controlling lights at home this all can be automated with the help of IFTTT.

In addition to that, you can do things like auto-save your social media photos to Dropbox.

Thus this app is defiantly a must-have app if you want to save your time.

6. Find my Device by Google

Find My Device is probably one of the most useful Android tools and it’s completely free.

Find My Device lets you remotely track, lock, and erase the data on a lost or stolen phone.

It also allows you to see the remaining battery on your phone and the Wi-Fi network it is connected to.

Find My Device is the easiest option to track a lost Android phone.

It has also a play sound option. Which plays a loud sound on your smartphone continuously if you turned the ringer off. 

In addition to that, there’s also a Lock option. It lets you set a new password when your phone is lost.

You can display a message over the lock screen so that the person who find your phone can contact you easily.


It is the most popular meditation app with more than 1 million subscribers.

The app includes:

  • Mindful messages
  • Sleep meditation
  • Daily motivation
  • Informational animations

  It has a user-friendly interface and many overwhelming features.

But I can assure that you will feel calmer and more focused whenever you attend a  productivity meditation session.

Soundscapes is one of the best features of this app. It helps you to turn your brain off before sleeping. It helps you to relax by white noise and visualization games.


It is one of the most revolutionary apps. It is highly productive for those who write a lot of content. It is like an autocorrect app but way more advanced than other apps.

It also suggests grammatical corrections that are easy to implement within the text that you’re writing.

The best part is that Grammarly will give suggestions for your grammar, sentence structure and more before you press the send button.


Are you facing trouble to memorize a lot of passwords?

Do you have a lot of accounts over the internet?

Then this app is very useful for you.

Not only it saves your password but it also suggests a strong password.

What makes Dashlane unique is that it can also store your address, phone numbers and credit cards here, which makes your online transition smooth.

It also makes online ordering fast and easy.

10.Lumen Trails

Have you ever tracked your-

  • Habit
  • Sleep
  • Calories
  • career goals

Lumen Trails brings the best of all the habit trackers into one app and gives you great reporting and quick notes in case you need them. Load the habits you want to tackle, and this is the perfect way to focus.

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